Better Off Well



From 1:1 Clients

I met Donna at a seminar she taught and felt it was time for me to have a health coach. I received far more than I thought I would. The food, the tours, the education and support was complete and informative, but it was the attention to lifestyle that was the key to my growth. Donna’s approach was not about losing weight but the every day moments and thoughts she helped me switch, especially regarding the food we put into our bodies that are energetically linked to our health. Donna assisted me in knowing I could love myself, even with the extra weight. She continuously helped me to see all the sides to my life- not just the food. The food changes have been wonderful and all of her support paid off . I am more balanced today.

Thanks for working with W yesterday. You really do have an amazing touch. It’s really nice to listen to you talk with him.

I have a thousand thank you's to Donna for helping me better the health of me and my family. She took the intimidation right out of my kitchen! I considered myself to be “cooking” dinner each night but if the item was not ready in 5 minutes in a microwave or heated up in less than 20 minutes, it wasn’t for me and my busy schedule. Preparing real food has been incredible, not time consuming at all and has brought my family closer because we prepare together. My daughter has an apron, a cookbook, and a vegetable garden starter kit on her Christmas list  Donna always challenged me to think ahead a few steps whether it be the most nutritional side dish or the most beneficial body care item. What I assumed to be healthy was so far from the truth. In less than 90 days, Donna helped me take both small and large steps to gain control of our health, make more “me” time while maintaining a heavy work and home schedule. Donna’s attention to detail, recaps of our sessions and encouragement are making a great difference in helping me improve our quality of life.

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From Mary

I first learned from Donna through her monthly wellness column in the Gazette. Her sensible approach and extensive knowledge of health and nutrition kept me an avid reader for years. Wanting to make positive changes in my cooking and eating habits, I hired Donna in 2016 to coach me. That's when the fun really began! With each session, I felt more empowered. Donna made it easy. She was the best health coach for me, and I highly recommend her services. 

From an Elementary School Teacher

This morning all the kids were raving about green smoothies and bursting to tell me the kinds they were trying at home. One boy made a bet with his mom that he would not eat dessert for a whole week! Then after a timed test, one boy told me he tried your breathing technique and it calmed him down. Thank you! 

From Corporate Management

Wow! It was a very educational and enjoyable evening! I know from the responses everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and snacks with us.

Donna truly made the presentation fun and everyone left feeling inspired to make some healthy lifestyle changes! I highly recommend Donna to any business that is looking to provide their workforce with some wellness education.


More 1:1 Clients

I found Donna Morin through the wonderful world of computers! I still do not know how it happened, but I do know it happened for a reason. I stumbled upon a site offering a sweet treat cleanse. I was so thoroughly please by this cleanse that I wanted to learn more from Donna. I asked for a month-long vegetarian meal plan. My whole family, including my skeptical husband, were so impressed with the recipes. My kids are thrilled that they do not have to eat the same sandwich everyday! I have a whole repertoire of healthy meals to choose from. However, Donna offered me more than just healthy recipes. She taught me how to eat more mindfully and to live in the moment. Her kindness and positive attitude are contagious. Thank you, Donna, for everything!!!

Thank you so much for enhancing our lives so richly. You’ve brought so much more to our lives than food nutritional help…

I didn’t know what I was missing! Leafy green vegetables have a whole new meaning to me since Donna showed me delicious, easy, healthy recipes! I can’t wait to try them for my whole family. Donna is amazing at breaking everything down into easy steps and making anything possible. I feel ‘Better Off Well’ already!

I had suffered with IBS for a long time… Doctors were not able to help me relieve any of the symptoms associated with IBS. A friend had referred me to Donna. Within a few sessions of working with Donna using her suggestions and recommendations, I was able to gain control of my IBS and reduce the frequency and length of flare ups. Donna is a pleasure to work with and I can’t say enough positive things about my experience working with her!


From Better Off Well Ladies Night Guests

I can’t tell you how much I was inspired by the Better Off Well party… I’ve been making lots of changes in my family’s diet.

We loved the nachos! We have also been making smoothies from the recipes you gave us that night at Shawn’s. My Cuisinart blender is getting a workout but doing okay. One of my daughters in CO is going to get the Vitamix. My daughter-in-law is making popcorn on the stove– no more microwave. It’s amazing how many people have changed their ways to a more healthy and wholesome, natural way of eating once you talk with them about it. It’s all like a new adventure.

I really gathered a lot of useful information at your presentation the other night. Even though I struggle with food allergies, I was able to come away with great ideas for healthy food choices for myself and my children. I especially loved your tip about pouring real maple syrup in a small dish for dipping instead of soaking the pancakes! I look forward to hearing more “healthy” tips!

I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story. Tasting the food and learning how to build recipes with better ingredients was fantastic (and yummy) – it is just like you said ‘Baby Steps’. I am looking forward to trying to learn from your awesome example.

Thank you for a fun and informative night! Just to let you know, I did your raisin test with my daughters this morning and they really got it! They learned to appreciate the taste of the raisin and totally understood the point of enjoying their food! I even told my husband about some of what I learned and he was actually receptive to it (I wasn’t expecting that reaction). Thanks for introducing me to a whole new world that I’ve really never thought too much about before!

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