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Stuffed Tomatoes w/ Mock Chicken Salad

stuffed tomatoes, mock chicken

While I love a good piece of gluten-free bread, I also like to think outside the processed box when it comes to lunch time.

My mom used to stuff tomatoes with egg salad, and I find these little red fruits work well for lots of stuffing!

Mock chicken salad is all over the place, but I like that this one uses only whole foods.

I found this recipe stuffed away in my recipe binder, with no link to its original source, so I send happy taste bud thought to its creator. I only tweaked a little.



8 ripe medium-size tomatoes

1/4 c sunflower seeds 1 c cashews 1/2 c pecans 1/2 c walnuts 1 celery stick, cut into chunks 2 green onions or 2 tbsp. chopped red onion 3/4 tsp dried dill juice of half a lemon fresh cilantro for taste and garnish


Slice into tomatoes to hollow out. Scoop most of the insides and use in a smoothie or save for tomato sauce.

Put all other ingredients into a food processor and pulse until everything is chopped medium to fine. Spoon 1/4 cup portions into tomatoes, top with fresh cilantro, and serve. Will keep a few hours if you wanted to make ahead of time.