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Raw Chia Pancakes

I love O Magazine for the tidbits of inspiration I find, like Martha Beck's words of wisdom and this article, Wonder Woman, about 52-year old Toni Bark, who says she feels like a 20-something these days. I know just what she means, as I head toward my 46th birthday!

This recipe is inspired by hers listed in the 10 Smartest Things You Can Do For Your Body This Summer. Do not stress if you don't have every power food listed here. Go ahead and substitute. I didn't have pecans or macadamias, so I used almonds. (You could try subbing seeds if there are nut allergies.) I didn't have mulberries, so I used Goji berries. You can try raisins! The lucuma powder was used in place of the mesquite powder. Both are super foods used as sweeteners. You could sub with a quality sweetener- like coconut palm sugar, but then they wouldn't technically be raw anymore.

While these "pancakes" hold their own without anything, there is definite improvement with nut butter, fresh fruit, and a drizzle of maple syrup or local honey. Three easily sustain me through the morning or afternoon.


1 c chia seeds, finely ground 1/2 c almonds, finely ground 1/2 c dried Goji berries (I ground these, too, but you don't have to) 1/2 c lucuma powder 1/4 c maca root powder 1 tbsp. cinnamon


Mix ingredients in a bowl. Add 2 cups water and blend with a fork. Chia will make mixture stick a bit, so you can form rounds on a baking tray. Set in a warm oven for 7 hours. You can do this overnight while you sleep, though I made them during the day and turned the cakes half way through. Makes about 2 dozen pancakes.