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Charlotte's Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie for Picky Eaters

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie for Picky Eaters

One of my most popular requests is to work with Littles. 

I rarely say no.

Kids are SO fun and by the end of the session, they are trying foods they never have before and looking pretty proud about the meals they designed. 

This gal and her smoothie was no exception.

Although she WAS exceptionally sweet and excited to learn and dance in the kitchen. 

We should all dance in the kitchen.

If you're struggling to get greens and veggies into your child's diet, I urge you to try smoothies. Scientists learn more every day about the importance of a high-fiber diet in feeding our gut bacteria, the very bacteria responsible for almost every function in our bodies. The only place we find fiber is in plant foods, and smoothies make a perfect hiding spot.

Blending a chocolate one, especially, means you can cover up colors that might not otherwise look so appealing. 

Char's Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

1 c refrigerated coconut milk

1/3 c cold water

1 heaping tbsp. dark cocoa powder

1 c frozen cherries (a little over is ok)

1 banana

6 spinach leaves



Pour milk and water into blender. Chop cherries and banana first if your blender is not strong, then add, along with spinach. Blend until smooth and enjoy!