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Lentil Sweet Potato Squish Burger

"Before I would get to the end of my (tortilla) wrap and just toss it on the plate, but this is lettuce, so I will just eat it." Those are the kind of words that ring like music to me. A little client learning to eat mindfully and love real food, and she loved these wraps. Both making and eating them.

And why not?

Easy to make, lots of squishing and crushing involved, full of nutrition, and de-LICIOUS!

To save time, cook the lentils and sweet potato ahead of time.


1 sweet potato, cooked (about 1 1/2 cups) 1 cup green lentils, cooked to slightly firm 1 happy chicken or flax egg** 2 tbsp. chopped red onion 1 tbsp. ketchup (no hfcs) 1/2 cup crushed cornflakes (non-GMO) 2 tbsp. nutritional yeast 1 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp ground black pepper

High-heat oil (like grapeseed, organic canola, or coconut) for cooking.

**Egg only necessary if planning to serve as patties, as it provides some hold. If planning to use only as wrap filling, you can omit.


In large mixing bowl, use potato masher to squish sweet potato and lentils together till mostly mashed. In separate bowl, whisk egg (if using) and add to potato mixture. Add all other ingredients and mix well.

Heat oiled skillet on top of stove over medium heat. Squish mixture into patties about two inches in diameter OR saute mixture as is if planning to use solely as wrap filling (which I prefer). Serve on lettuce with chopped pickles, onion, tomato, and sesame seeds.

Serves 4.