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Sweet Mochi Treat

mochi sweet treat

I am a huge fan of strawberry shortcake. Or any kind of fruit shortcake. But who wants to turn on the oven in these barking dog days of summer? For this, I only had to use a toaster oven. You can also puff mochi using a skillet on top of the stove. Way better than having to turn on the oven...especially if you live without air conditioning, as I have been. :)

Berries are filled with antioxidants, and are plentiful this time of year. It's the antioxidants in plant food that help to keep us disease-free, so super important to fill up on these every day. Berries tend to be lower in fructose than other fruits like pineapple and bananas, so a good choice if you're going to be pairing with optional dark chocolate chips.

You can find brown rice mochi on-line or at your nearest health food store, where I usually find Grainaissance . The entire square will cut into 12 pieces, which is usually too much for our little family at any one time, so I cut what I need and store the rest back in the fridge. The squares will puff into little sticky pastries as they bake.

This isn't exactly like Mom's shortcake, but it's simple and delicious and more nutritious.


brown rice mochi, prepared strawberries (or whatever berry you prefer) dark chocolate chips (optional)


Cut open a mochi puff and stuff with your favorite fruit and chocolate. If you want the chocolate to be melty, place on the bottom, under the fruit. Serve warmish.