Better Off Well



Private Coaching

You have tried a number of weight loss programs. They work really well... while you're enrolled! 

But then the program ends. Old habits creep back in. Pounds creep back on.

Sound familiar?

Whether it's extra weight, chronic pain, or consistently feeling low, if your body is not in balance, then changes need to happen so you can feel good again.

Sustainable change. Keep-moving-forward change. 

How do you make that happen?

By recognizing habits that are not serving you and the underlying thoughts likely responsible for them. Sure, food is important and knowledge can be power, but only if you unlock the potential within you and apply that knowledge. 

Through my 10 week coaching program you will:

  • understand the importance of particular nutrients and how they impact your body
  • learn new food techniques that help you make better choices, even with a busy lifestyle
  • become familiar with immune-building foods, herbs, and supplements
  • practice habits that encourage deeper, meaningful growth
  • start asking yourself the kinds of questions that will break harmful patterns
  • create new, sustainable, life-changing habits
  • choose foods that work best for YOUR body
  • make eating real, whole, plant-based foods fun
  • change internal thought patterns that are not serving you
  • explore the creative process inside you
  • implement mindfulness as a tool to use in a variety of areas
  • find your internal motivation

Living in a culture that is fast, processed, and scheduled to the max, it's understandable that you picked up habits you don't want! Now is the time to take charge and change all that.

You have value. Your life has value. Your health is a treasure.

If you are ready to start feeling good – about yourself and about your life – I'm ready to help you do that.

Reach out to me today ( to set up your free 15-minute phone consultation to find out if we are a good fit. It’s like wellness speed dating!

Donna Morin Health Coach

The 10 week program includes all of the above, plus text and email support in between sessions, for $592. Weekly 50-minute coaching sessions generally take place over the phone, through Skype or Facetime, and in person, where applicable. 

These sessions focus on YOU.

I ask the questions; you do much of the talking. After all, how often do you get to do that? With thought-provoking questioning and homework assignments, you begin to explore and discover the authentic you and the motivation that you already have within; you just didn’t know how to find.

Email me ( to set up your free 15-minute phone consultation to get started!