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 Indulge Your Way to Healthy


Making healthy lifestyle changes should not feel like a sacrifice.

Nor should you feel like you have to change everything all at once.
Changing should be fun. Enjoyable.

Like an indulgence!

It’s been 13 years since I began changing my own habits and I haven’t looked back. I’m getting more enjoyment from life now than I ever did thirty years ago.


But it didn’t happen overnight. And it wasn’t just about the food.

People from all over the world are writing in to say how Indulge Your Way to Healthy is helping them to move forward in their lives, step by step, indulgence by indulgence.

“Just the steps I needed to not feel overwhelmed!” – Kari
“I love how you write! I was chuckling and taking notes the whole time I read.” –Susan
“We love your recipes! Thank you!” – Jeannette

Maybe you’re ready to share this journey with somebody else in your life. So invite them along, too.

Because getting the most out of this one precious life is SO much easier and way more fun when you do it with somebody else.

That's why I'm offering this special pre-holiday deal!

Buy 3 books, get 1 FREE!

(does not include shipping fees)

• Each custom-signed by moi
• Each includes a Little Affirmations bookmark with each book

I want you to have these in plenty of time for the holidays, so this offer ends on November 12.


Email me at and tell me:
• who I should sign the books for and anything special you’d like me to say.
• what your mailing address is. (Books can only be delivered to one U.S. address.)

Let this be the year you start taking those small, sustainable, INDULGENT steps toward a more fulfilling life. 

You deserve it!

Pre-holiday offer does not include shipping fees.

 donna morin health coach book indulge your way to healthy

An excerpt from Indulge Your Way to Healthy:

You can heal your body. You can feel good. 
The extent of healing will be different for each one of you. It may depend on factors like how committed you are, your age, and your personal health struggle. But I am confident you have the power to make improvements, no matter what.
You. Have. Power.
Here is what else you need to know.
You can’t teach anyone what they don’t want to know. That’s a big one to remember. If you are reading this book because you want to make changes in your own life or in the lives of your young children, then I am really excited for you and I hope that much of this book resonates with you as others have for me. 
But if you’re looking to change a partner, a friend, or someone in your family, stop and take a deep breath. It’s not that you can’t influence positive change. You can! But the best way we influence change is by modeling it. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Each of us is on her own path and as difficult as it may be to watch ones we love travel their own, we can only support when it’s asked for and continue working toward our own most authentic self.
Perhaps the most important lesson I've learned that I want to impart to you is that living a full and healthy life has to do with more than food. You can eat broccoli all day, or take supplements, or try every cleanse you read about, but if a relationship is failing, you hate your job, or you feel a void that can’t seem to be filled, then none of that will make much of a difference. At least not for long. 
That is why this guide was created. Food is important and the way we feed our bodies will impact the energy needed to make lifestyle changes in the first place, but it's the emotional, mindful, and spiritual changes you make that will determine how sustainable your new habits are.

5 Minute Meditation

We are great at filling every minute of our lives with activity and distraction, but when we are always on in this way, we never get to tune in to the thoughts and emotions that may lie underneath our habits and behaviors. Meditation helps us to find that sub-level frequency. 

Even 5 minutes of meditation can help to soothe your body and mind, creating space to just be, right where you are, as you are. I wanted you to experience that because you deserve to feel this way, even for a few minutes, every day. Enjoy.

Meditation for Moms

For all moms and caregivers out there, this 5-minute meditation is for you, because you deserve a few minutes to not be doing laundry, or cleaning, or wiping dirty bums. 

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health coach grocery shopping

Interview on Naturally Savvy

When you go to the grocery store, you probably don't think about all the marketing tactics that are being utilized by companies to get you to buy their products. Understanding how you're being sold to is the first step to empowering you with healthier choices.

Donna joins Andrea Donsky, RHN, on Naturally Savvy to explain how companies mislead you as a consumer, as well as how you can effectively be aware and resist their tactics. 

Interview with Kat Moulton

The Courage of  Eating Healthy...
We know intuitively how to eat well yet we often still don't do it. Could it be that eating healthy requires courage?
Give a listen to this interview Donna gives with energy healer and coach, Kat Moulton.