Better Off Well


You Know You Had A SAD (Standard American Diet) Childhood When...

cocoa puffs

1. Breakfast options meant choosing between Cocoa Puffs, Honeycomb, or Frosted Flakes.

2. Peas grew in cans, were radiation green, and required no chewing.

3. You cried when your grandmother made you eat dandelion greens.

4. SPAM was in the cupboard, not on your computer.

5. Wheat bread?

6. Tea was something you scooped into water, stirred, and added ice.

7. Seasonings meant salt and pepper.

8. WHOLE wheat bread???

9. Cube Steak. (What is cube steak?)

10. Only iceberg lettuce existed.

11. Your morning orange juice rhymed with Dang!

12. You cried when your grandmother made you eat her homemade peanut butter.

13. Arby's was high-end dining.

14. Peanut butter toast and canned pears was Friday night dinner.

15. Kale did not exist.

16. Cheezits was a food group.