Better Off Well


The mountain that taught me about perseverance



I like to consider myself an athlete because I believe in the power of thought, but if there were a scale that measures your athleticism from 1-10, I would be somewhere in the middle, like the low middle. 

Hiking tends to remind me of how low middle I am, especially if I haven't done one in a while. 

But last weekend's hike reminded me of something really important. 

That we have to push through the hard stuff  to get to the rewards.

I think we have gotten pretty complacent in our culture. Maybe it's all the drive-up windows and ride-on lawn mowers that have done it to us, but I think we forget how much effort it takes to do the things that are most rewarding.

Making positive lifestyle change, the kind that creates a life with meaning, takes time but even more importantly, crazy effort. 

We can't wait to FEEL like putting in the effort, either. That won't happen. 

We make like Nike, and just do it. We trust that if we keep pushing, it will get easier and the rewards will be so worth it.

I explain a bit more in this video from the top of a mountain.

Join me and climb on...

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