Better Off Well


How will you look in 30 years?

aging Donna

"That is the creepiest thing I have ever seen," texted my friend, Jen.

I had just sent her this photo, aging my face 33 years into the future, from 47 to 80 years old, using the technology of the free app, AgingBooth.

Personally, I thought I still looked pretty damn good.

The idea behind this photo for me is simple. I'm looking for extra motivation.

Studies have found that when people were presented with photos of themselves aged into the future, they were more likely to make better choices for themselves now. Think food, exercise, savings plans, quitting smoking, etc.

So I did it.

And the two friends I sent this photo to were horrified.

Which is kind of funny, when you think of it.

We're older every day, yet somehow we're able to forget that. Until we're reminded again by the birthdays of our children, or another candle on our own birthday cakes.

When it comes to making best choices, we almost always tend to make choices that leave us feeling better now rather than feeling our best in the future. Stay in bed rather than hit the gym, drive-thru instead of kitchen prep, another pair of shoes instead of storing extra funds into retirement plans.

We have a hard time thinking into the future, and the quality of life we want to have then.

This photo may help change that for me.

When I'm 80, I'd like to still be climbing mountains, though they may be small ones.

Hills. They will be hills.

I want to laugh, play with the grandchildren I hope to have, and help to create memories for the special people in my life.

But in order to do these things tomorrow, I will have to remind myself to make best choices today.