Better Off Well


How One Mom Healed Her Son

veronica and kids  photo

Every child has moments when she cannot sit still or focus, or when he resists what is asked of him.

We expect that.

When these types of behaviors are frequent enough to cause consistent conflict in families and keep a child from being able to learn along with his peers, then they become a problem.

Often children with these patterns are diagnosed as having attention deficit and hyperactive disorders, which usually leads to a prescription.

Veronica Boske made a decision to try something different.

Something that would be very difficult to do, but that could have a much better outcome.

Veronica's story starts soon after her son entered kindergarten.

"My son's teacher told me that my child could not pay attention or sit still, that he couldn't follow directions. I just assumed it was because he was bored and too smart for school. For years I was in denial, but these behaviors were not in school alone. At home he would explode at the smallest things. Bedtime was a nightmare; it would take me two hours to get him to settle enough to sleep."

Year after year brought similar reports. When her son's third grade teacher shared the very same stories on the second day of school, Veronica knew it was time to do something. Not surprising to her, a neuropsychologist diagnosed her 8-year old with AD/HD.

While medication was an option, the doctor also shared literature from a Harvard study on the link between hyperactivity and food dyes. Veronica took it home and studied, following up the literature with her own research.

"Among the books that I read, The Kid-Friendly AD/HD and AUTISM cookbook saved my sanity. It helped give me the first steps to understand how diet affected his behavior and make the dietary changes necessary."

After debating and panicking about the changes she would need to make, Veronica decided to go all in and eliminate gluten, dairy, casein, eggs and juices all at once.

"It was really difficult at the beginning, especially with the rest of the family. Changing in one fell swoop the way we ate wasn’t easy. There were days I was very close to giving up and going back to the old ways, wondering if the sacrifices and changes were really worth it."

Rather than getting better, the behaviors in her child seemed to get worse in the next few days.

But Veronica was prepared for that.

She'd read about the "withdrawal period" that can last from two weeks to a month.

But finally, there was a break.

"After 2-3 weeks, I started to notice that he wouldn’t explode as easily. It was something small but it was enough to keep me going."

Along with the dietary changes, Veronica used homeopathy to help with the hyperactivity and food sensitivity, as well as yoga to help him control his emotions and help with the anxiety and sleep problems.

When Veronica's younger son began exhibiting the same symptoms, she switched him to the same lifestyle changes.

Today, Veronica's sons are very active and doing well in school. Her 12 year-old is a brown belt and assists the teacher in her younger son's karate class. He no longer needs special services in his classroom. Her 6 year-old loves playing sports. They both enjoy doing yoga when they feel that they need a little bit of help to control their emotions or to help them sleep.

Is every day easy?

No, going out to eat can be a challenge at times. But Veronica has learned which restaurants can cater to her needs and which products are safe. Planning is key and she cooks most of their meals and tries to always have snacks when they travel, just in case. While her husband was very resistant to the changes, he did his own research and after seeing the improvements with the boys, he came on board.

Would she do it again?

"Absolutely. It was hard, but making these changes was the best decision I could have ever made."

Veronica Boske holds a MS in Social Work with over 5 years of experience in the holistic field. As a homeopath, holistic health coach and yoga teacher, she has helped families and individuals find holistic solutions to health problems. She is a KYT-200 hr Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher, ChildPlay yoga teacher and holds a Kundalini Yoga for Mixed Health Conditions certification.

Veronica will be teaching a Family Yoga class at the wellness center that I direct. If you'd like to reach out to Veronica, I can pass along your message. Email