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Green Babies: Smoothies for the Little Ones

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I wish I'd known about green smoothies when my little guy was still in onesies. Fortunately, he was great about eating a variety of healthy foods like tofu, avocado, and sweet potatoes, that I didn't worry. But how great it would have been if he'd been downing greens, too!

Robyn Openshaw, the self-proclaimed Green Smoothie Girl, fed her children smoothies as soon as they started on solid foods, while continuing to nurse.

She's confident this practice helped to make them the healthy children they are today.

A few recommendations I've found to keep in mind when feeding green smoothies to babies:

1. Be sure smoothies are well-blended, with no small bits remaining.

2. Choose organic produce and wash it well.

3. Alternate greens for each smoothie.

4. Start out feeding smoothies every other day until baby's digestive tract gets used to them.

5. Add healthy fats, like avocado or small amounts of coconut or flax oil.

6. Keep recipes simple, with few ingredients. This way, if a reaction develops, it's easier to trace the cause.

Baby Smoothie recipes, from the Raw Family Green Smoothies Blog:

Basic Balance 1 ripe mango, peeled 1 cup kale 1 cup water

Baby Love 2 bananas 1 pear 1 cup Kale 1/2 cup water

My First Green Smoothie 1 banana 1/2 apple 1 cup spinach 1-2 cups water