Better Off Well


Cravings Out of Control? Try this.


There is no way you want to sit next to me right now. If you do, please don't do anything that would require I speak.

For the past few weeks, I've noticed my sweets cravings are back up again.

You might know it, too. The one that INSISTS, quite persistently, that you have chocolate after a meal. Or maybe jelly piled atop a piece of toast.

Maybe it's that kind of craving that let's you believe you're taking the kids out for ice cream because it's a treat for THEM.


I'm speaking at a college this week and I've been brushing up on all things bacteria.

As in gut bacteria. Our microbiomes.

If you've been following me, you know I'm kind of a nerd about this stuff.

But get this.

Our sweets cravings, it appears, are likely caused by our bacteria.

Some cravings might be our good bacteria telling us what our bodies are lacking in nutrients. Like when a salad or a green smoothie sounds fabulous.

But when you're jonesing for chocolate, it likely means you have a little fungi army growing in your gut.

Yeast is often the culprit, and candida is the one most commonly referred to.

Whatever it is, it's responsible for those signals being sent to your brain telling you that you NEED, you HAVE to have, or you will die without...chocolate.

You see, the more you feed it, the better it can grow.

And a bigger army of fungus means more cravings.

The problem is, a diet high in sugar is bad news for our bodies. It sets us up for insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and potentially Alzheimer's. It makes our skin break out and look saggy and sallow.

So being reminded of this tonight, I was ready to fight.

No way am I feeding this army any longer.

It was HARD. The buggers put up a fight. They started in with a chocolate craving, but when I wouldn't give in, they said Okay, that's fine. Let's just have a few corn chips. Corn chips aren't sweet. You'll be us.

And it almost worked!

But noooo... I remembered that corn chips are instant sugar in my body.

Aha! I shall not be tricked.

So this is what I did instead.

garlic chopped

I cut a small garlic clove in half. I chewed and swallowed.

It was horrific. Burning. Pain in my mouth.

And now I smell like a pizza shop.

But guess what?

My cravings are gone!

The allicin in garlic is known to have anti-fungal properties. If my cravings are a result of yeast overgrowth in my gut, then garlic may have taken them down. Knocked out a few fighters.

Or maybe it's just that garlic and chocolate don't go so well together.

There's still much we need to learn about how our bacteria work in our bodies, but if you've got massive cravings, know that you have the power to beat them. If raw garlic won't work for you, some people find success with tea made from thyme, tarragon, or peppermint.

Good luck to you. If you need me tonight, I'll be out battling vampires.