Better Off Well


BOW First Video...Beware: It's Rough!

It was time. I've been photographed and interviewed live on radio. I needed to do a video. It was the next step. Being able to serve the BOW community better means I have to grow my business and to do that, I have to join the 21st century. Between clients and motherhood, I have little time to figure out the tech side of my business. Yes, a virtual assistant is in my near future. But I like to know how things work, too. While making this video, I learned a bit about lighting, background, and most of all, how to upload a video to YouTube. Not that difficult, but a bit time-consuming. And I am soooo not comfortable in front of a video camera!

But I did it. My tech friend is already telling me how I need to improve future videos.

And I will.

But for now...I took the first step.

Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think. Just go easy...;)