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5 Ways To Get Nutrition Into Little Ones

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For those of you who've been following my blog for a while, you know that Green Smoothie Girl was an impetus for my current lifestyle. It was her book, The Green Smoothies Diet, that got me blending greens every day, and it's made such a difference in how I feel. Now Robyn is about to publish another book, and she needs your help!

How do you get nutrition into your little one? Send ideas or recipes to Robyn through and you could win $100 worth of her goodies.

Here's what I submitted!

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1) No matter how I made my smoothies, my son wouldn't drink. Didn't matter what color they were, he wasn't buying...or swallowing. Fortunately, he's a pretty reasonable kid, and I reminded him of how important it was that he get foods into his body that were green and raw every day. Our compromise is a medicine shot cup. Just like he downs his Vitamin D, so too does he now down a shot of green smoothie every morning. As long as I have something yummy for him to "chase" it with. Hey, it's a start!

2) I've worked with some pretty finicky kids, and I am not opposed to hiding nutrition into favorite choices of theirs. Ground flax seed in grilled cheese, sun butter mixed into the peanut butter and jelly, fruit smoothies with one green leaf, sweet potato puree into macaroni and cheese, carrots and kale into spaghetti sauce, and seeds, nuts, and spirulina into raisin truffles with dark chocolate chips. Ultimately, the goal is to get kids to understand how their food choices affect the way they feel, but until the Great Epiphany arrives, I see nothing wrong with sneaky nutrition.


3) Leftovers for breakfast! The U.S. is one of the only countries that has "special" breakfast foods. Most of them- like bagels and muffins- have little to no nutrition. If I've got soup, veggie pasta, or a bean salad leftover from the night before, and my son really liked it, guess what's for breakfast! We like to think outside the cereal box.

4) Make it their ideas! I worked with one little gal who ate little more than chocolate chip pancakes, bagels, and chicken fingers. Her gastrointestinal system was suffering because of it. On a whim, I decided to make oatmeal with her one day, and asked her what we should put into it. We ended up with apple oatmeal and a LOT of cinnamon. We called it "Sarah's Oatmeal" and I made a HUGE deal about how amazing it tasted and what a great little chef she was. She ate it up...the flattery AND the oatmeal.

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5) Create a sampling station. Whole Foods can be a kids' (and mom) paradise because of all the free samples. But you don't need to leave your house to have this kind of food fun. Set up a sampling station and include foods you know your kids will like- a couple healthier processed things okay- along with foods they might not try otherwise. Go all out with signs and a register, if you have the time, and kids will be even more excited to try new things!