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10 Easter Basket Ideas That Are Not Candy

easter basket

There's nothing wrong with a chocolate bunny and a few jelly beans for Easter. E. Bunny would be pretty stingy if he didn't leave those things, at least.

But before you go Hog-Wild over all the in-your-face candy that will be on sale in the next few days, consider this:

Studies have found that our microbiome- including the beneficial bacteria in and on our bodies that help with almost every bodily function- can change with a high sugar diet. A high-sugar diet has been found to alter the bacteria to the point that it can impair memory and learning.

But Easter is one day. It's not that a big a deal.

Totally true. One day of altering bacteria will not make much of a difference if your child is usually eating a diet filled with greens and other plant foods. High-fiber diets feed healthy bacteria and they will rebound very quickly.

But if your kiddos are not known for being regular veggie-lovers, here are some other fun basket options. Granted, not all these ideas actually fit into a basket.

1. Gardener's Basket- seeds, trowel, gloves. Help your child get excited about food and where it comes from! Beans and peas are pretty hardy and easy to handle. Spinach and radishes are harvested early. Herbs like mint and sage grow well in containers.

2. Jump Rope- Not just for girls anymore. Athletes of all kinds use jump ropes to stay in shape. Plus, jumping is fun.

3. Pogo Stick- Remember these? Great for teaching your older child balance, and how to set goals. Aim for bouncing twice, then four times, etc.

4. Basketball- If you can't afford a new hoop, check out EBay or Craig's list, or head to your nearest playground. There are many drills that can be practiced without a hoop, too.

5. Tennis racket- Most high schools have nets that are empty on the weekends. Little ones can practice right in the yard. If you can, include lessons in the deal.

6. Rollerblades- The 90's may have called asking for their blades back, but too bad. These are a fun way to practice balance, get fresh air, and can be done on any paved service without traffic.

Think you get the drift about the outside active stuff...

7. Little Chef Basket- with apron and cookbooks. Check out-Kid's Fun & Healthy Cookbook or ChopChop, and get your kids excited about helping out in the kitchen.

8. Legos- or any creative development kind of material. There are plenty of small sets that fit perfectly into a basket.

9. Nontoxic Nail Polish- if your child is into painted nails and spa days, check out these options, from Pop Sugar.

10. Card games- Sure, you can purchase a game like UNO or Spot It! and your kids will love, but even a plain ol' deck of cards will do the trick. Check out these game ideas!

If your child is like mine, he loves the hunt more than anything. Add a couple jelly beans each to a number of plastic eggs and hide around your home. If you have more than one child, put a limit on the number for each child, or designate different search areas.

Easter can still be a blast, even without a basket load of sugar.