Better Off Well


I Know You Tried (Mother's Day)

I didn't really think about it until Facebook. My childhood was just what it was. My relationship with my mother was just what it was. But Facebook makes it different. Facebook reminds me that my relationship with my mother was different.

The Stink In Labeling: An Interview with Jon Whelan

Jon Whelan is director of the newly released documentary, Stink! His venture into film making began after an attempt to learn the origins of a powerful smell emanating from his daughters' brand new Christmas pajamas. Multiple phone calls and direct contact with the CEO of Justice, a retailer that markets to young girls, proved futile, so Jon sent the pajamas off to a lab.

Erin's Story: Healing Her Daughter's Eczema

Erin Greaney is a busy mom. Not that there is any other kind.

Mom to two, she's always been about convenience. Having grown up on staples like microwaved pepperoni and cheese sandwiches and vegetables that came from a can, Erin understood that food was supposed to be fast and easy. In her mind, being healthy simply meant limiting the number of cookies in a snack.

What the Heck Is A Hormone Disruptor and Why It Matters

Before I started my stride toward healthier living, I'd heard various bodily function terms thrown around but never paid much attention. Hormone Disruptor was one of those. For some reason, the disrupting of hormones didn't seem all that worrisome. So I kept right on slathering and dabbing and scrubbing and burning with all the products and candles I had been for years.

The Dorito Effect: How It's Changing Our Health

Feed hay to a group of sheep and they will eat until they are nutritionally satisfied. Flavor that hay with a palatant- a chemical flavor enhancer- and the sheep eat 15% more than they did before. This phenomenon is what drives the livestock industry to flavor their corn and soy feed. After all, pigs that eat more fatten quickly. Time, as they say, is money.

Why We're Sneezing More: A Look at What's Happened To Plants

My son was miserable this spring. His ceaseless sneezing made him exhausted and there were days he could barely see out of his swollen eyes. After a number of holistic treatments, we finally resorted to Claritin, and even that didn't kick in for a while. A few months ago, I posted this blog about the findings from Dr. Martin Blaser and his team. Through a number of studies, he has shown that the increase in many of our chronic illnesses today, including hay fever and asthma, are directly linked to a change in our microbiomes. It's fascinating stuff.

Green Tea and Plant Iron: Why I Had Sore Shoulders

It was last summer and I'd just finished reading my third consecutive text on cancer prevention. Setting the book aside, I stood up to make my third cup of green tea for the day. Not only was I reminded through all this reading how important the polyphenols in tea were to cancer prevention, I learned that Japanese green tea was especially high in these compounds so I'd dropped a 20 bill to pay for this box. It was an investment in my health, so I was happy to make the trade-off. While green tea was never high on my list of favorites, I grew to savor the taste, even enjoy it. Green tea became a regular part of my routine, drinking it throughout the day, often as a follow-up to meals. Gung ho, anyone?