If you are frustrated with your health, do not give up. Know that YOU have the power to change your health…and your life. I did


I understand that I can make my future happen, and I’m a firm believer in manifesting what I desire.


We are absolutely entitled to put into our mouths whatever we desire, but isn’t it great when we have a better idea of which foods are nourishing our bodies and which ones aren’t?


Part of the transition has included how I perceive life; seeing the good even where there is bad. I accept that negative thought, because it’s part of who I am. Then I practice releasing that thought. Doing so means my whole day is not driven by that negative emotion.


I found strength I didn’t know I had. And the next time life deals me a few bad cards, I know I can call on those reserves again.


Sometimes I have to pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming. Totally corny to say, I know, but in this job I get to meet the most amazing people.


When we don’t get enough movement, stress hormones can be a total drag, literally. We feel tired, achy, lethargic, and are more susceptible to illness.


With a little planning, nutritious home-cooked meals can happen. Eating foods directly connected to the earth not only nourish us, they help us to stay connected as well.

BOW Interviews

1How have thousands of people healed from cancer, despite the odds against them? Dr. Kelly Turner shares what she learned from these survivors and thrivers in her book, Radical Remission. When American Ninja Warrior Abel Gonzalez received his life-sentence of rheumatoid arthritis, he didn’t take it lying down. Read about the inspiring steps Abel has taken to turn his life around.

BOW Wellness

2Want to know what steps to try to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome? Perhaps you’d like to find quick and simple workouts that you can try at home. BOW has what you’re looking for, and more is being added all the time. Check out how I help my little family stay healthy all year


BOW Recipes

3Looking for meals that will help you stay healthy through this winter? Try this flu fighter soup. Think nachos can’t taste fabulous AND be good for you? BOW has the recipe to prove they can! Or maybe you’re looking for easy and nutritious snack ideas. BOW has those, too. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, somewhere in between, or allergy-free recipes, you’ll find nutrient-dense dishes served up here!

BOW for the Ladies

4Imagine a night of delicious and nutritious food. Imagine sharing your tips for healthy eating with other women and learning theirs. Picture yourself at an event filled with information, recipes and resources that leave you feeling empowered and ready to step into a healthier lifestyle! That’s what the BOW for the Ladies Events are all about. If you live in the New England area and would like to host an event in your home or business, contact Donna for further details.